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New Trends in Marketing Automation – 2018 Highlights


  Phạm Anh Cường

Marketers across industries now have access to a range of technologies to plan better customer experiences. As marketing technology keeps advancing, what will 2018 hold for this segment?

According to several research estimates, global spending on marketing automation soGware is predicted to hit $32 billion in 2018. This number is expected to increase in later years as more companies begin embracing marketing automation tools.

Tools will eventually become more sophisticated owing to technological improvements in the areas of machine learning, chatbots, data and analytics will especially drive the marketing automation segment.

Impact on social media

An earlier MarketingSherpa study had once shown that 58 percent of social media users follow brands on social media. If one were to total the active users of all the social media plaVorms, there is a great network of users to capitalize on. Since newer social media automation tools use machine learning algorithms to further engage with users, these interactions will gently push prospects across various stages of their buying journey requiring lesser and lesser manual involvement from the hands of a marketer.

Impact on lead scoring

Every sales professional will already have their buyer persona in place. But in the vast network of digital plaVorms, it is machine leaning which will power lead scoring activities thereby allowing marketers the time to focus more on the planning and end to end execution of their strategies.

Advances in machine learning help identify those leads that are most likely to convert prospects automatically thereby optimizing every sales and marketing professionals’ targeting efforts.

Impact on understanding of customer behavior

Artificial intelligence will allow marketers to draw far more accurate data and insights about their customers, and what they will want thereby allowing them to plan campaigns as per the intended buying behavior. This will help plan the most adept messaging required to get these customers to continue their buying cycle.

Impact on personalization

You already see it on every top e-tail site: the power of personalized content and product recommendations to engage audiences. Marketing automation makes it easier for marketers to package and distribute personalized content to their consumers. Advances will allow easier social sharing of this content too. Marketers will find it easier to share the right content with the right people across channels and devices seamlessly.

(source: MTA martech advisor)

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